My Pregnancy Style Picks : Fall Edition

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of stuff you have to buy as a new parent, and most of it isn’t for you! Like seriously, shit you never even thought of. I figured I would just want the basics until I found myself registering at babiesrus for a wipes warmer and bottle drying rack…

The last thing you want to do is spend hundreds of dollars on a new wardrobe that you can only wear for about 5-6 months at most. I somehow managed to squeeze myself into my normal clothes well into the 2nd trimester, but I finally gave in to all things stretchy around week 19…right at the start of fall 🍂🍁 I realized quickly that comfort is key, especially for long days trying to concentrate and perform well at work. Although I would have loved to sleep in, wear yoga pants, and lie around eating endless amounts of bagels at this point in the pregnancy, it just wasn’t really an option for this girl. My goal is to show you that comfort doesn’t have to mean “mom jeans” with tennis shoes…..

DISCLAIMER: In no way, shape, or form am I an expert on pregnancy — I’m simply sharing what I’ve discovered works for me SO FAR 🙂

Three pieces I’ve found myself wearing over and over are 3/4 sleeve length stretchy dresses, ponchos or scarves, and ankle boots. I’ve worn this look to work, on the weekend, and even to my baby shower back in October. The best dress I have found is the Liz Lange Maternity Scoop Neck dress, from Target which I own in both black and gray. They are literally the perfect length, weight and fit to wear all day and the side ruching feels like heaven to my growing belly:


Adding a layer over this will add comfort, warmth, and style to an otherwise seemingly plain dress. At first I thought wearing a poncho or blanket scarf would be “too much” on my 5′ 3″ height but then I remembered I am dressing for two, right? Also, they are super “in” this season –I figure this because they are everywhere! I have had good luck finding affordable and versatile ones at Forever 21 and Marshalls. For some reason the Marshalls here is literally amazing and overflowing with items– they probably get all the overstock stuff from NYC. Here is the look I’m talkin’ about. So freaking comfy to wrap around your bod:

image image

Lastly, find some comfy fall boots to pair with these pieces. Although flats are most comfortable, logical, and the best way to keep your chiropractor off your back (haha), sometimes us preggos just gotta feel stylish. I would, however, recommend alternating days that you wear boots, wedges, or flats to avoid leg soreness, back pain, and swelling in your feet. I can only do wedges/even small heels about twice a work week. My comfiest boots are from Toms and Old Navy (I own both black and tan)- neutral colors such as black, tan or gray will be the most economical as you can mix ‘n match with anything. Here are some of my faves:


Here are some of the “looks” I’ve put together with these essentials while navigating through the 2nd trimester of pregnancy out here in the Garden State:

princeton battle field
baby shower
pumpkinmont inn

Most of all, I think it’s important that whatever you choose to wear is comfortable and makes you feel good. I’ll make sure to share my winter style picks/necessities with you all as the seasons change and holidays approach. Let me know what you think and what your fall “go to’s” are and how I can start to mix it up!

Thanks for visiting! 💕


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