Floppy Hats & Farmers Markets 

Saturday we decided to venture out to check out a local Farmers Market and finish some Christmas shopping. It was also very cold and windy so it’s actually starting to feel like December now! I wore my comfiest, warmest sweater and a floppy hat, which I’m loving for the season. When first buying this hat, I thought “where the hell am I going to wear this?” It was perfect for today and actually stopped my hair from blowing everywhere. If you’re anything like me, there are items you’ve bought in the past and then they just sit in your closet. If there’s a fashion statement piece you have bought and not yet worn, just do it. And own it. And wear, wherever you want! I now own floppy hats in both black and tan (my favorite neutrals), and can’t wait to wear both more often in the upcoming weeks.





📷 : C. Cantor — isn’t he kinda good?

I recently re-discovered H&M, which is where I found both this wool hat and cowl neck sweater (which I can’t for the life of me, find online.) I’ve linked an alternative here. They have a maternity section, which you wouldn’t expect, and I’ve just been browsing some really cute, affordable pieces and accessories there lately. Leggings worn here are from Gap, and booties are from Old Navy. By the way, I’m always a believer that leggings are pants, esp when preg. To get this look just pair a long sweater of your choice, basic leggings, booties, and pick a hat! Here are some of my other favorite options:

We first went to the Trenton Farmers Market, which isn’t the most glamorous place I’ve ever been, but it was festive and any weekend activity that gets me up and walking is 👌 I love Farmers Markets because everything is always fresh, homemade or local. We did find some good buys (organic peanut butter, apple butter, and strawberry jam) at the “Amish Country Store.” Can you tell we like butter? Note to self: bring cash to the Amish Country Store next time. Credit card machine + the Amish = struggle city.



After this we had dinner at the most romantic spot in town…TGI Fridays. Jk, we had a gift card, and who doesn’t love free food? Coincidentally, this is the Fridays we went to on our first trip out to NJ, where we decided which apartment we were going to lease over drinks. Today, we found ourselves having serious talks on choosing a baby name…not over drinks. I guess you could say only our most important convos are held at the fancy establishment of TGIF.

From there we did some shopping at my fave mall in town (called Market Fair) and bought some last minute gifts. We are officially done with our holiday shopping! 🎁

Sunday I am doing prenatal yoga, getting a peppermint mocha from the bux, getting a manicure, and having friends over to our place for football, relaxing, and homemade chili! What are you all up to on the last weekend before the Christmas craziness?

Thanks for checking in! 💕



3 thoughts on “Floppy Hats & Farmers Markets ”

    1. Hi Stephanie! Thanks for reading 😊 I didn’t do a good job linking the hats! Ha but the maroon is from Nordstrom, black is from DSW and the tan is from Kohls but I have the same exact one from DSW! You can find them everywhere ❤️


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