Animal Print : a neutral, must-have 

So I’m sitting here this morning, hanging with this bebe bump of mine and waiting for Craig to get up — I look down and my obsession for animal print is affirmed. As if I didn’t already know. I’m wrapped in the furiest (is this a word?) animal print blanket, on my iPad that’s in a cheetah case, drinking coffee out of my favorite cheetah mug. 😳  Do I have a problem?

Other animal print items I own and use/wear on the reg: gloves, scarves, fuzzy socks, cosmetic cases, pjs, slippers, backpacks. I guess I should say I have an obsession of {mostly} animal print accessories. I don’t walk around in head to toe animal print, but love adding to solids with it. I also just realized I have received a ton of AP accessories as gifts. For Christmas, my sister will get like a blue blanket, my other sister will get green, and I’ll get leopard. #thanksmom&dad!

Reasons why you should try this trend and invest in a few key pieces:

1. Animal print accessories are generally both black & brown, which means you can wear with black or brown boots, a black or brown purse, and I believe it’s really what prompted me to believe black and brown CAN and SHOULD be worn simultaneously. High school me would be cringing at that statement… I was soo matchy matchy. Now, I’m a creature of convenience and am all about items you can mix & match with anything.

2. It’s a neutral! I truly believe this …it looks good with colors as well. Just last week I paired leopard gloves with a wine red coat #ftw. You can take any solid shirt, sweatshirt or pants, add an AP accessory and suddenly you look cool. My favorite places to buy solid go-to items are Gap, Old Navy, Forever21 and HM. I have been wearing SO much black during this pregnancy.

3. Don’t be boring. If you find yourself always wearing the same colors (black) or kinds of pieces (solids), mix it up! AP is a great way to do this.


Here are some items I abs. love right now and definitely need to purchase :

Leopard Faux Fur Coat

*I once bought a fur coat from Forever 21 off the clearance rack. It’s not until I went to wear it, that I discovered it had EARS on the hood. I checked and this coat, however, does not have ears. AP tip = stay away from anything with ears or a tail added. It’s not a good look if you are over the age of 7*

2-pack hipster brief

Nike Free 5.0 V4 😍

Kensie Pillows

Marc Jacobs Leopard Scarf

Leopard Print Poncho

Hobo Leather Tote

Quay Sunglasses


Tell me what you think! What is your go-to print? What is your favorite *fun* accessory?

Baby Update : We are about to hit 39 weeks and Baby C is resting comfortably (even if I’m not.) Work craziness has been a blessing in disguise as I have little time to sit and think about how I’m feeling, how many more days we have left, and how even my maternity clothes are feeling tight. My birthday is in 4 days, and our due date is in 10 –hopefully he comes sometime in between the two 🙂

Talk soon!


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