1st Trimester (and beyond) Pregnancy Essentials!

Hello! Welcome to my first post as a publicly pregnant mama! I shared on my instagram this week that the start of this pregnancy has been a bit more challenging than the start of my first. Nausea, fatigue, and illnesses kept me down most of weeks 6-10, but lucky at 13 weeks I am starting to feel better!

These essentials have been my “go to’s” for the first trimester – and I know they will continue to be for the remainder of this pregnancy!

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Aerie Play Real Me High Waisted Leggings


Almost right away, my regular clothes became insanely uncomfortable, so I went on a search for the best athleisure items I could find. I can’t say enough good things about these leggings. I tried on about a dozen styles of Aerie leggings in store and these are hands down the most comfortable and provide a ton of stretch to get me through at least the second trimester. They come in 4 colors, they come in short or long, and like the name, are amazingly high-waisted. I did size up to a large to ensure they would make it with me through the winter. Oh, and I got every color!

Cara Loren Prenatal Pre-Workout Supplement – Pink Lemonade


Do you know how hard it is to find a pregnancy safe pre-workout? With coffee being a big aversion for me, I really needed something to help give me the energy to exist, I mean, exercise. One of my favorite bloggers, Cara Loren, collaborated with Bucked Up to create this all-natural prenatal pre-workout supplement. One scoop contains 100mg of caffeine – they recommend 200mg or less per day for pregnant mamas so even if you had one scoop of this, you could still enjoy a small cup of coffee. The time of day in which I take this, depends on how much I use. If it’s early I’ll do almost a full scoop, if it’s later I’ll do half. The pink lemonade flavor is pretty tasty, too!
2919.pngAlthough I’d love to tell you I was as consistent with my skincare regimen in the first trimester as I normally am, it just wasn’t the case. By the end of each day I have been WIPED (pun intended.) Thank god for these color removing wipes that have SeneGence skincare properties in them. They remove makeup, condition skin, and yes – they are anti-aging with the edition of seneplex complex. Is this is good as cleansing, treating, and moisturizing? Not at all, but it is better than sleeping in makeup when we are too tired!
61CfNevPVlL._SL1500_I have been sooo thirstyyy this pregnancy and I had been wanting this cup for so long. The size and straw help me to drink so much more water, especially when I am on the go. Really any large cup with a straw will do the trick but this one is so sleek looking. It goes with me everywhere!
I have tried a couple different prenatal vitamins – I am currently using vitamin code but still like these RAINBOW LIGHT vitamins best. Make sure you choose a vitamin with a probiotic, it really helps to keep things moving during a time where digestion can be questionable. I think this prenatal is best with that, so far. You can purchase really at any drug store, target, etc, or you can buy on amazon to get shipped straight to your doorstep! I am trying another prenatal from PREMAMA this week, and will keep you all updated on how I like that one as well.
This product is a holy grail, both in and out of pregnancy! This tinted moisturizer is like a BB cream or CC cream, but way better. It is water resistent, anti-aging, and just one pump take the unevenness and redness out of my skin completely! It is truly color correcting, and truly a life saver! This is essential for the days you want to feel put together but not necessarily do a full face of make-up…aka every day of the first trimester!
I have talked about this dry shampoo several times over the past few weeks, but it is so key when the pregnancy exhaustion really hits! There are a lot of things I need to conserve and use this energy for – and redoing my hair from scratch isn’t one of them! This dry shampoo smells great, sprays clear, and is very lightweight! Find a good dry shampoo you love for pregnancy and more importantly, motherhood. You’ll need it!
ONE good thing about being in the first trimester during the holidays: peppermint is in! Why is peppermint so special? For me, the smell AND taste would help with my nausea almost instantly. I would diffuse it often in our kitchen, and one night I even took it with my to teach my dance classes so I could smell it if I really felt sick. I also put it topically under my nose some days to help me feel better. I have been using this Ellia Oil for a while but any peppermint essential oil should do the trick!

Lastly, I want to talk about the BAGELS & the BATHTUB. I have always loved both of these items but they have become an OBSESSION during this pregnancy. I have taken a hot bath almost every night to help my mind & body relax. Nothing is more soothing than taking that alone time after my toddler goes to bed and using it wisely. Grab yourself a candle, some good tunes, possibly a bath bomb, and RELAX, because we all know once a baby or another baby is in the house, it is a different story! Secondly, I have been joking a TON about bagels, but they are easily my #1 craving and nausea fighter this time around. I know that I don’t need that much bread, or that there are better things to eat, but you know what, I am letting myself have the bagel, and not stressing about it. If you’re wondering, I love mine to be blueberry, with strawberry cream cheese, please!!
What are your pregnancy essentials? What did I miss? Are there any other pregnancy posts you want to see?
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Love you!

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