My journey with network marketing: where I’ve been and what’s to come

If you’re here reading this post you’re probably a friend, a customer, a follower, or someone that knows a bit of my story… but in case you’re not, I will do a little recap for you here. Please don’t just scroll to the bottom, as I’d love for you to hear these words.

In 2016, my first baby was born and it flipped my world completely upside down. We weren’t expecting it – in fact we had just moved across country for my job. I was a career woman through and through – working full time as an Account Supervisor on one of my marketing agencies largest and newest clients. Suddenly everything I had thought I wanted professionally, changed. I missed my baby and I wanted so badly to have the flexibility and freedom to spend more time with him while he was little. Parallel to this, my Dad was very very sick. He had been diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2013 but things took a horrible turn for the worse the same year that I had Calvin. By June 2017, he was gone and I was a changed person. They say grief and loss will do that to you…. I learned QUICKLY that life is too short 1.) to care what others think about me and my decisions and 2.) to be unhappy in my day to day life. It is up to us to take control if we want to make a change.

That same year, I found a solution and opportunity with a company called SeneGence International (the company that owns LipSense which you might be more familiar with.) I saw other women and moms with what I wanted – more money, more time, leaving their jobs, earning the company car reimbursement, leading others, investing in other women, etc. I’ve always had a knack for all things beauty & leadership so I jumped right in with both feet. That’s kind of how I am… if I’m going to do something, I’m going to give it 150%. Within 5 months I hit car qualification and by the end of 2017, I was putting in my resignation at my full time job. Less than 1% of distributors reach this level. I did it. I had taken a leap of faith and succeeded in what I was trying to accomplish.

Over the next year things were still going awesome – my team was growing, my customer base was growing, I was doing trainings for my team, traveling, attending conferences, and I loved it so much. It was my life. Sometime in 2019 – I can’t pinpoint exactly when, probably when I had Cora, my second baby, I started to realize that the back end business model and things being taught were no longer aligning with some of my beliefs about how a network marketing business should be run. (If you want more details on this just reach out to me and I’m happy to chat about those details and logistics.) I tried to overlook my bottom line for a long time because I couldn’t fathom the thought of giving up what I’d worked so hard at, starting over, ever leaving SeneGence or my team of at one point, 200 women. That was never my intention. Fast forward a few more months and these thoughts kept creeping in. Things didn’t seem to be flowing well anymore and my team was not duplicating – many women were getting hung up on the same things I was before they could even get started. I had a new baby, less hands, and I really had to get honest with myself about where my time was being spent.

I started talking to both new, old, and potential customers and I realized that what I’ve been sharing with SeneGence might not be what they’re looking for. I took a poll and asked what your deciding factors in make a beauty purchase were… the answers were price/affordability, clean ingredients, ease of ordering, and MOST said “all of the above.”

As much as I wanted everyone to love what I was offering – I couldn’t help but feel like maybe there was a better fit from both a business model and product standpoint. My passion is helping women feel extraordinary with the right products and knowledge of what they’re using. It’s to TEACH and show others through product knowledge and demos. Was I really sharing the “every day” products or a growing opportunity that my demographic might be interested in?

One thing I knew is that I was not giving up on network marketing or returning to a traditional 9-5 job. I have a new baby and a growing toddler that need me around – and I need the flexibility that only this industry can offer. I’ve spent years studying, learning, and becoming an expert in this field. I know it works because I did it. I know it works because even up until the end of 2019, my commission checks have been paying our bills. We can’t live without my network marketing income. I don’t have hours to put in for someone else but I can certainly put the time and effort I can offer, into an opportunity I believe in. I also knew I did NOT want to leave the beauty industry. I believe that outer beauty can help how we feel on the inside and that there is a lot to be said about a women feeling confident in her own skin.

The universe, god, whatever you believe in, must have heard my conversations and my prayers as a new opportunity literally came into my email inbox. It was from someone I didn’t know personally but trusted big time in the blogging, social media and business world. She knew things I didn’t know and don’t know – she studies market trends of companies and I had to hear about her newest venture.

The company she had moved to is still in the beauty category but there are a few things that really caught my eye and peaked my interest:

• The products are affordable without sacrificing quality. I’m talking like 1/4-1/3 the amount of products I’ve recommended in the past.

• The company represents “clean beauty” and follows European beauty standards, banning up to 1400 chemicals that aren’t banned in the US.

• The company is already successfully operating in hundreds of other markets but is new to the US as of 2019.

• The ordering process from both my end and my customers, is seamless and done via a website that is set up for me by the company upon signup.

• The product offering allows me to find less expensive and cleaner “dupes” for the SeneGence products I have come to know and love over the past 3 years. There is even some overlap.

• There is a clean baby line! Right up my alley.

I decided to try some products. What can it hurt, right? I ordered a full face of makeup for under $100. I was impressed by that and also skeptical – I wanted to hate everything so that my decision would be easier. So that I could get this pulling out of my mind and off my heart and be done with it. So that I didn’t have to risk disappointing people who trust me. So that I could stay where I felt safe and comfortable. So that I could coast along with what I had already built.

I’m not going to lie. Even after I tried my new makeup and cleanser and LOVED them, I boxed my new products up and was going to get rid of them. I tried so hard to push this away, but it just didn’t work. I was having dreams, the beauty influencer I was talking with was offering to help and teach me things I’ve never been taught, doors were opening. After a few weeks, I unsigned my management agreement with SeneGence, signed up with the new company for just $19.99 and decided I’m going to go all in.  The response from those I’ve talked to 1on1 has been nothing but supportive and congratulatory. I wanted to tell and talk to EVERY customer and friend 1on1, but it turns out there are a lot of you. If you’re wondering how I can go from one company directly to another – remember that network marketing is like a job would be to most others. It’s how I support my family and couldn’t have left without a researched plan.

When people ask what happened? Nothing happened – it’s just that nothing changes if you change nothing.

I’ve always felt like I have made good decisions for myself and my family, and in turn it has allowed me to make good monetary and business decisions for myself and my family. I’ve always felt I’ve been honest, open, trustworthy in my intentions. I’ve always taken calculated risks. In my heart of hearts I truly believe that this decision to pursue a new opportunity is not only the best decision for me, but for everyone involved…. my customers, my team, my future customers, my future team, and mostly, my babies – who I want to continue to stay home with.

…I once heard that if you found something you love and that others could benefit from it, you are doing a disservice if you don’t share it. 

So let’s share. I’m not good at keeping secrets. 

The new company I’m partnering with is called Farmasi US!

Here is the Jan-March 2020 beauty book if you want to browse a full catalog.

Here is my new shopping website if you want to scope it out this way.

So what’s next? Well I figure there are a few ways this could go….

You could decide to hate me forever and never trust me again.

You could sit back and watch skeptically as I start to do tutorials with new products.

You can sign up as my Farmasi Customer here for free and when you are ready to buy your account will be set up. If you need refills on any products, Senegence or not, I’d love to help you find a Farmasi alternative.

You can sign up as a Farmasi Beauty Influencer here for as low as $19.99 to get a 50% product discount and a free personal affiliate link to share with others. I’ll be doing another post about the opportunity soon.

If you are happy with Senegence and want to continue purchasing these products, you can do so here for the time being.

I’m sure there will be questions so feel free to reach out to me directly – I’d love to chat with you. If you’re surprised, so am I! But I am also extremely excited to get this show on the road in 2020! I’m excited to be excited again. It’s going to be an amazing year and I so appreciate your support.



2 thoughts on “My journey with network marketing: where I’ve been and what’s to come”

  1. Kayla! Such exciting news! I am very excited for you and completely applaud you for taking a leap of faith – because without those, are we even living? I love your story and this next chapter will be one you’ll be wildly successful at as well – I just know it. Thanks for being such an inspiration! Xoxo


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