{Month 10} + Why Mobility Changes Everything!

Wow, I’m really late getting this one up! I took Calvin’s 10 months pics on time (actually 1 day early, go me!) but obviously did not get around to posting along with my monthly mama thought…which is all about my baby becoming mobile!
You guys, a mobile baby changes. everything. I’ll be honest in saying that Calvin really spoiled us as a baby (I’m talking like 0-6 months of age.) He was an exceptional newborn, such a little angel, and we could take him anywhere – we actually still can which has been nice. He didn’t love sleeping, and still doesn’t, but we are really lucky to have had such amazing experiences. He is still awesome of course, but once he started rolling, crawling, standing, pulling himself up, and taking steps, the ass-kicking (for Craig and I) set in and exhaustion ensued (even more.) He is a wild child and cannot sit still for one second – but what 10 MO can right? I now understand (for real, this time) the following statements that I had heard from moms that came before me:
  • Chasing my baby/toddler/child is my daily workout
  • You’ll never sleep again – [however I would correct this to you’ll never sleep again when you want to]
  • I barely have time to finish brushing my teeth or shower
  • Babyproof EVERYTHING! [Calvin particularly loves to grab make-up brushes from under the sink and eat them]
When a baby is not yet mobile, you can put them in a swing, rock n play, mamaroo, etc. Then they learn how to sit-up, then they learn how to wiggle out, then they are too big to even fit in the contraption to begin with. I remember saying to Craig, “what are we going to do when we can no longer put him in something and walk away for a second? Or when we can lay him in the rock ‘n play and lay down beside him?” That comment feels like yesterday and I cannot believe that we are only 6 weeks from his 1st birthday. How did we get here?
Calvin is changing so much every week and truly starting to do things that make me realize he will be a little boy (and no longer a baby) before I know it. I really want to live in the moment and take in all of these memories as much as I can.
What a blessing it is to watch him play, learn, grow and develop. We know we are so fortunate to have a healthy, happy baby and love the excitement and energy he brings to our home.
All that aside – do they make baby chill pills? LOL I am JUST KIDDING. But I feel like the change from small baby to mobile infant/toddler has been huge. How are you mamas feeling about this stage??
-We sat him on the scale at home and he weighs ~25lbs.
-He can take approx. 4 steps on his own
-He now has 6 teeth (4 top, 2 bottom)
-Officially in all 12+ month clothing
-Can say mama, dada, up, hi, book, hot, yay, baby, and is very good at mimicking almost any word we give to him
-Is obsessed with making this new surprised, “oh” face on camera
-loves all his stuffed animals…sometimes he is cuddly, sometimes his is biting off their faces
-Loves self feeding himself bananas and raspberries
Some of our favorite items we actually own that teach mobility and learning:
Little Tikes Light ‘N Go Walker Little Tikes Light 'n Go - 3-in-1 Activity Walker
Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity TableBaby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table
V-Tech Sit to Stand Walker
Thanks for following along and keeping up with Calvin! We love you all.


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