Welcoming Calvin into the World + a few pieces of hospital advice

What a life changing week its been! A week ago today we were heading to the hospital about to welcome our son Calvin William into the world. I was scheduled to be induced at 7am and went into labor on my own at 6am that same day. My water was scheduled to be broken at 11:50am and it broke on it’s own at 11:40am. I can’t make this stuff up. I’m so thankful for that timing as 2/18 is truly the day he was meant to be born. The whole process was very smooth and my midwife was amazing – we had baby in our arms by 12:56pm. We are so grateful.

Craig & I are pretty obsessed with him and our newly formed family…and can’t stop talking about how cute we think little Calvin is (even if he pees on us daily and farts more than anything this size should be able to.) It’s such a surreal feeling to finally have him with us, when just last week (and for the 9 months prior) he was in my belly and we were wondering what he would be like. While it’s not easy in any way, it’s so much better than I could have imagined. I tried to send pics to as many friends as possible, but I wanted to take a minute to share all of our favorite personal hospital snapshots for you here!

img_1619IMG_0257Ready to go! Large & in charge! ^

IMG_1715IMG_1717IMG_1712IMG_1714IMG_1711IMG_1713IMG_1626IMG_1642I look frightened here (which I prob am) ^ but I’m actually in the middle of saying, “He’s SO precious!”

IMG_1708So sleepy by this point! ^





You can see on our faces as we leave the hospital, how excited we are to head home to our own place with this sleeping angel. We dressed him in a 3 month outfit to leave, BTW. We had to stay an extra night (everything is ok!) so by this point we were going stir crazy and were ready. It’s so much more comfortable having our own space to take care of our ‘lil man. At his first doctor’s appointment on Monday, they confirmed he is right on track and perfectly healthy – there’s not much more you can ask for! We are overwhelmed with the support and well wishes from our family & friends and Baby Calvin can’t wait to meet all of you!

There is a lot of “advice” on the internet and every hospital is different, but there are a few things I’d wish I’d known! Mom-to-be friends, seriously feel free to ask me anything while it’s still fresh in my head! 🙂  Here are a few pieces of advice I’d recommend:

  • Bring your own shower towel – turns out it takes about 5 hand sized towels to dry off after a shower.
  • Bring a boppy nursing pillow – it’s really hard to get in a good position in those hospital beds and I wished that had provided something other than plastic-ish sleeping pillows.
  • Bring socks, cotton mittens, hats, and plain onesies for baby – they didn’t provide these items (except for 1 hat after delivery.) Apparently you aren’t supposed to cut baby nails right away and he would have scratched his face so much without the mittens. Here are the kind we like.
  • That you can get an epidural at 4cm – I came to the hospital at 4cm and ended up asking around 6cm. They don’t really offer it up, until you ask.
  • How amazing and necessary the epidural is – God bless Moms who do this shit naturally. It did not take away from the birth experience at all. You feel no contraction pain, but can still feel your legs! After the epidural I was laughing and watching Netflix on my iPad.
  • You can take ALL the baby and mom extras they leave for you in the room (diapers, wipes, gauze, pads, nursing accessories, etc) – my sister is a Nurse Practitioner at Children’s and says they can’t re-use anything extra anyways. In fact, ask for more of everything the day before you leave and then swoop it up and take it with you! Make sure to bring an extra bag for everything you get while there.

I hope this helps!

Next up, I will be posting tips for taking your own photos at home and Calvin will be my model as a Little Bear 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Love, Kayla ❤