Mama Bear Sweatshirt & Baby Onesie Giveaway (with Frank Regards)

Guyssss it’s officially the best & weirdest time of the year….those 3-4ish work weeks post-Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas that pretty much test your motivation levels on a consistent basis. It’s that feeling of “I have do” mixed with “gimme all the Peppermint Mochas and let me just shop for the ones I love from my comfy couch.”

Frank Regards is tempting me with the latter as they offer the cutest, affordable, high quality items & gifts – this partnership just has me feeling in the holiday spirit big time! Every product is designed in house, geared toward that millennial women consumer – and is done so with a bit of humor thrown in the mix!
The product offerings include coffee mugs, wine bags, sweatshirts, baby onesies, tote bags, dish towels and greeting cards. Perfect for gifting or for stocking stuffers, and are different than the more common gifts you would find at a larger retailer.
I was lucky enough to receive both the ‘Mama Bear’ sweatshirt and the baby Buffalo Plaid onesie to try for Calvin and I – we love them so much! Right away I was amazed by how well they fit both of us, and how soft/high quality the material was on both of the items!
img_1038-1I was also very impressed with…
The design quality
The words/images are not a vinyl imprint [which is very typical of start-ups trying to produce items for a lower cost] but can become non-permanent. The items from Frank Regards are screen printed to ensure the best possible quality and allow for multiple washes without seeing the words start to peel off. You all know what I’m talking about 🙂
Sizing & Length of the items
Both the sweatshirt and onesie fit us like a glove! I was worried a women’s fit medium would be too small for how I like my sweatshirts to fit, but it was perfect and long enough in length for bending down, picking up, and chasing after Calvin! He got the 6-12mo onesie and is fitting him just like the other 12mo onesies he owns. If you are questioning size, you should go up so that your babe can wear this adorable onesie as long as possible!
You guys know by this point that I am ALL about comfort – and that’s exactly what I got with these pieces! I know in about 2 seconds after putting on an article of clothing if it is going to be uncomfortable but these items are so so soft. I am actually wearing the sweatshirt as I type this and will probably keep on for bed! Cal played in his onesie all day so I know he was comfy too 🙂
Now for the part you all came here for… the giveaway!
I will be giving away one ‘mama bear’ sweatshirt to a very lucky reader – and you can only enter through my blog! If you’d like to win, (1) leave me a comment below and (2) enter your email at the bottom of the page to follow RwS (you will only get notifications for new posts – which you don’t want to miss anyways!)

I am also giving away ONE Buffalo Plaid Onesie – the option to recieve a floral onesie is also available if you’d like for a baby girl!
Enter via Instagram here.

As you can tell, Ashley @ Frank Regards (thank you for sponsoring this post!) really hooked it up for my readers – don’t forget to check them out on:
Frank Regards website
img_1041^Cal is waving by for now!^
When we talk next it’ll be December…can you believe it? Have a great rest of your week!


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It’s Officially Sweater Weather (+a DOUBLE Pink Blush Giveaway!)

It’s finally SWEATER WEATHER! The comfiest time of the year (I’m ALL about comfort so it’s my favorite.) A co-worker asked me the other day how many comfy sweaters I have (since I’ve been wearing them alot.) Literally a million – this is what I live in during the fall/winter much like everyone else! You know that meme saying “my swimsuit body wasn’t ready but my sweater body is on point?” Well, that is 100% me this year!
I am kicking off SwEaTeR wEaTheR with a Pink Blush giveaway!
I first experienced pink blush earlier this year when featuring this mint floral dress and I was hooked! So flattering and a great fit for my new post-partum bod at that time. Pink Blush is the best one stop shop for transitioning from pregnancy, post-baby and beyond – I love ANYTHING that can be repurposed and re-wearing everything *guilty* so these pieces are my favorite.


“PinkBlush brings the latest trends in maternity clothes to the modern mother so that she can transition into pregnancy without skipping a beat, delivering bold prints in vibrant hues to make sure you stand out in style. We offer a comfortable, stylish, and always affordable look for every occasion from Baby Showers to Weddings in a simple and enjoyable shopping experience. It’s your one-stop shop for every wardrobe essential from maternity tops and maternity jeans to shoes and accessories. Fortunately, these styles will not only dress your growing bump, but effortlessly adjust to motherhood and beyond.” –
I paired this Navy Heavyknit Turtleneck Sweater with black jeggings (I swear I live in them) and my go-to black booties.
004Calvin is wearing this gray and navy henley, koala baby jeans, and navy slip-ons. He looks so handsome!
I am currently hosting a giveaway on instagram for a $50 Pink Blush giftcard! Super easy to enter and an e-gift certificate will be sent straight to the winner via email. Giveaway will close on 11/8 at 11:59pm. SO head over to IG ASAP & good luck entering! ❤


I want to give one of my pregnant mama friends or new mama friends with that ‘new mom bod’ this fabulous, comfortable, beautiful Pink Blush dress pictured below. This giveaway will be exclusive to the blog, meaning there will be no other way to enter that right here at RWS. Less people will probably enter, so your chance of winning is greater.
This dress has a value of $65, is almost sold out on the site, is a size Medium – fits true to size – and is brand new with tags on!
Please let me know if you have any other questions about the dress.
To enter to win this dress, all you have to do is enter your email below to subscribe to Running with Strollers! If you already follow RWS via email, comment below and let me know, then I will enter you in the giveaway.

I’m so excited about this DoUbLe giveaway – so make sure to take advantage now through 11/8!

As always, thanks babes for following and reading! My ONE YEAR anniversary of blogging is coming up on 11/9…the only thing that keeps me going is my blog friends and readers 🙂
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Telling Time w/ JORD Unique Wood Watches

I’ve talked about “time” in several previous posts – the shortage of time we are all up against, and how fast time flies, especially when we get caught up in “life.” I joked in my instagram post yesterday that I need a watch to constantly check out the time I don’t have 😂 how true is this though? I know so many of my other friends feel the race against the clock each day and truly understand that time is the most valuable asset we can possess. So I guess I wasn’t really joking afterall! I’ve been feeling this so much lately. Blocking time and being smart with how I use it is suddenly more important than ever.
On a lighter note – I’m so excited about this partnership with JORD Wood Watches not only because the importance of staying ” on track” each day, but because I am obsessed with watches – they truly bring a look together! I love neutral watches that I can wear with a variety of outfits. I have my ‘go-to’ silver, gold, black, and now a WOOD watch to wear on repeat.
Yes, this very good looking watch is made of super high quality wood! The face is large and the look is pretty masculine overall which I actually prefer. I don’t have a super feminine style and this dark color is perfect for all the brown and black I have been wearing this season. My exact style, called the Frankie in Dark Sandlewood & Smoke can be found here.
JORD offers both a line of men’s and women’s watches – both which are stunning, different, and eye catching to others. I’ve gotten so many compliments since wearing mine in both the office and social settings!



Because I want to share the love (duh) you can enter here to win $75.00 off a wood watch of your choice. Just by entering, you will receive a complimentary $20 off code for a watch of your choice. With the holidays coming, this would be a super cool gift for either a guy or girl in your life.
The contest will close November 6th at 11:59pm. Both the $75 and the $20 codes will expire on January 1st 2017.  So get to entering 🙂

What else am I wearing?
Sweater  (Old Navy)
Boots – Similar (Old Navy)

Jeans (Gap)

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*this post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches*

Watch Gift Ideas

How FX New Series ‘Better Things’ relates + A Mom Survival Kit Giveaway feat. Ray Ban & BAGGU

When we moved to NJ, we decided to be super cheap and not pay for full cable so that we could save some $$$. Turns out JUST internet here is more expensive than our whole cable and internet package in OH – awesome! haha BUT we were missing some of our favorite sports channels and others such as FX, Bravo, USA, etc. Craig now subscribes to a streaming service called Sling and it allows us to get all of these channels. It also allows me not to hear Craig complain about only seeing the Jets, Giants and Eagles on our channels week after week. Has anyone used this before? Do you like it?
With our new service, I discovered  ‘Better Things’ which premiered this month on FX, and is a raw depiction of a working, single mom doing her best to raise her 3 daughters. The main character Pamela Albion, plays Sam, who is hilarious, unfiltered, and also stars in Californication. I rarely have time to watch tv, but the episodes are super short (27-28 min), quick, relatable, and I can watch or turn on in the background at night while feeding Calvin. I didn’t grow up with a single mom, but I did grow up with 2 sisters and some of their interactions are eerily familiar.
I am a huge fan of TV, music, podcasts, books, etc, that are relatable –at one point in the first episode Sam’s youngest daughter is begging her to lay down in bed with her until she falls asleep. Sam ends up falling asleep and waking up in the middle of the night, panicked, confused where she’s at, and feeling like she got nothing done before she fell asleep. This is ALL too familiar – I’ve written about this several times, but I lose so much time laying or cuddling with Calvin at night, which causes me to fall asleep before preparing enough for the next day. Us Mom’s can only do so much in a day before the energy tank runs out! Am I right?


To help promote and encourage convo surrounding the first few episodes of the series, I partnered with FX to receive a Mom Survival Kit containing the following items:
• Ray-Ban Sunglasses (I wrote here how sunglasses are a mom must have)
• Chipolo bluetooth keyring (for when we’d lose our head if it weren’t attached)
• BAGGU Leather Clutch for mom’s things (perfect for the diaper bag or work bag)
• Emergency Beauty Kit (duh)
• Hypoallergenic travel pillow (perfect size)
• Ultra-Soft travel pillow protector
• Essential Oils Blend Mini
• Skinny Lip Balm
• “Credit Card” Mints

Of course I wouldn’t talk about this if I didn’t have one to give away for a reader as well! To win, visit this link to check out a few show clips and leave a comment below on which item you’d be most excited to win by 11:59PM on 9/28. Winner will be chosen randomly on 9/29 from blog + instagram entrants.
Happy watching & happy entering, friends! Have a great rest of your weekend 💙

That Mom Bod Solution: Shop Pink Blush [+ a giveaway!]

Hi Everyone, Happy Almost Friday! It’s finally feeling like Summer out here on the East Coast – aka less rain and more SUN! I love Summer because everything just feels a bit more relaxed…do you know what I mean? I hope you are all having a fab start to June.

I keep talking on here about the awkward stage of body after baby, the 4th trimester, dressing post-baby, and I’ve finally found a great solution.
Honestly, I think going from not pregnant to pregnant is easier than going from 40+ weeks pregnant to post-baby. At least when you get pregnant it is gradual. When you have a baby, he is out in a matter of hours and then you’re left with…well, the aftermath.
No one talked to me about this before it happened. I’ll spare you all the details – but any stomach muscles you may have had before are now squishy and you are now in a phase called the “4th trimester” in which maternity clothes can be big, and your pre-baby clothes are still tight. I was like telling people to feel my stomach because it’s the weirdest feeling ever. As much as I love new things, seriously, how many sets of clothes do we have to buy?
If you haven’t already heard of Pink Blush, let me introduce you. This brand is an online boutique that specializes in creating affordable, fashionable, beautiful pieces that can transition modern moms from pregnancy to motherhood, and beyond. They have both a maternity and women’s line but honestly, you can transition through all trimesters (1-4) in almost everything on their site, ESPECIALLY the dresses.


Most of their pieces are stretchy, soft, and don’t hug the body in those questionable places you just aren’t ready for the public to see.
I chose this floral gem of a dress in an effort to find a spring/summer piece that could be worn for a nice occasion, but still allow me to feel comfortable. ALSO – it is nursing friendly (hello convenient cross top) and it’s definitely one of the dresses that you can wear during pregnancy as well.
I feel like I could wear this dress to a party and then keep on as my nightgown, but I won’t. Lol!


 I think it’s only fair if you all have the chance to try out Pink Blush as well… So – I’ll be giving away a $50 giftcard to use on!
There are 2 ways to enter:
1.) Enter your email address below to follow my blog (you’ll be the first to get notified of new posts!) & share this post on Facebook with the hashtag #shoppinkblush
2.) Head to my Instagram and follow the rules on today’s post announcing the giveaway.
I’m giving two entry methods, so you can enter from either platform that you prefer. Winner will be chosen 6/7 by 11:59pm EST. 
*You are not eligible to win if you have entered and won a #shoppinkblush giveaway in the last 3 months*


If you love Pink Blush and would like to order, they have free shipping on all U.S. orders. You can also check out their Facebook page for additional deals!
Thanks so much for checking in & good luck in the giveaway. Have an amazing weekend!

💕 Kayla 

Personalized Goodies [with The Initial Co.] + a Giveaway & Discount!

Hey everyone – Happy May! Thanks for checking out my first post of the month. We’re back from a long week of traveling to Cincinnati – we got to see so much family & so many friends! I couldn’t believe all of the positive comments I got about this blog…it was nonstop. This inspires me to keep going and I thank you all for your continual support!
I’m so excited to be teaming up with The Initial Co. and bringing you both a giveaway & discount code for your use. This adorable small business specializes in monogrammed and personalized apparel, jewelry, gifts, home goods, bridal items and more! One of their tag lines is “your monogram is your brand name.” I love that. Monogramming and the personalization of products literally never goes out of style.

The Initial Co.

This online boutique has recently come under new ownership, and I just know it’s about to take off even more than it already has. The personalized gifts are perfect and add that extra element of special, whether it’s for a specific occasion (Mother’s Day) or “just because.”

It turns out life with a 2 month old is quite exhausting – I love this Not Like a Regular Mom Travel Mug for my coffee with a bomb quote (I’m cool, right Calvin?) & my monogram on the other side.


I’ve linked some of my other favorite gifts here, which can all be personalized!
Color Dipped Canvas Tote
Stemless Champagne Flutes
Crosswind 1/4 Zip
Mommy Fuel Ceramic Mug
Mommy Fuel Ceramic Mug
Sweet Baby Onesie

Giveaway Time!
I currently have a GIVEAWAY (or should I say bib-away?) live on my Instagram account (@kaylamarieblog) that you can enter now! The winner will receive a personalized bib (of their choice) for that special babe in their life. Here’s how to enter:
1.) Like the post introducing the giveaway & follow @kaylamarieblog
2.) Tag a friend in the comments
3.) Follow @theinitialco
So easy! So Simple! Winner will be announced 5/9 and you will be contacted via direct message by The Initial Co. to choose your bib.
PS-I never realized that babies needed bibs before eating actual food. Wrong! This wild child gets milk EVERYWHERE! Good thing he has a personalized bib to keep us clean. Look at that smile on my bestie! 🙂

In addition to the giveaway,  I am also offering a 10% discount for any purchase on
Use code KAYLA10 
Happy Browsing! I know you will love The Intial Co. as much as I do. Let me know what you find!
❤ Kayla