Winter Styling Must Haves {with Eva Hair NYC!}

**this post is sponsored by Eva NYC but all thoughts are my own**

* girl power + world domination…one strand at a time *

…now that’s a tag line I can get behind!

I recently got the opportunity to work with and try several styling tools and styling products from from Eva NYC. They are just entering the midwest (specifically in Meijer) and I am happy to help them spread the good news. The ladies from the Eva team that I chatted with were so sweet and I love what the company stands for.
“Eva NYC represents the duality found in real women. We stand for a community that embraces a (beauty) lifestyle that is un-regimented, fun and free.”
The premium Ingredients found in their products that are meant to encourage stronger, healthier hair:
Keravis™ protein complex
Argan oil
omegas 3, 6 & 9
vitamin C
natural rice starch

My personal favorite characteristic of the styling products is the GLORIOUS SMELL and the soft finish that they leave behind – so so good!
Eva NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer 
I spray on my damp hair as a primer and heat protectant before blow drying! Has a super light misting bottle and leaves a silky finish after using the hot tools.
Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask
Deeply conditions, repairs, and strengthens. Leave on hair in shower for 5ish minutes!
Eva NYC Freshen Up Dry Shampoo
Every girls best friend. I love this dry shampoo because it is so LIGHT, but it still is powerful enough to work. No white residue, no crunchy hair! Absorbs excess oils in the root.
Eva NYC Skip the Spa Thermal Hair Wrap0081757401705_0_A1C1_0600
Kween Glitter Spray
Super subtle hair and body glitter – perfect for the holidays or NYE!
Eva NYC Healthy Heat Ceramic Styling Iron – 1 1/4″
This heavy duty ceramic iron gets the job done and is healthier for your hair than your typical metal tool.
mini healthy heat ceramic styling iron 
Eva NYC Healthy Heat Digital Clip-Free Curler – 1″
This wand is LEGIT. And so powerful! My favorite feature is that you can adjust the heat – I had never used a wand where you could adjust the temp! These waves lasted me 5-7 days with no wash – seriously!

healthy heat pro-power dryer

This dryer has replaced my old hair dryer for good. It left my hair feeling smoother and shinier, and I love the attachment on the end which helps to cut dry time in half.


mini healthy heat pro-power dryer


My very favorite of the products listed are the 10in1 Primer, the Dry Shampoo, and the Healthy Heat Dryer!
*Products used for straight hair below: 10in1 Primer, Healthy Heat Dryer, Healthy Heat Ceramic Iron
*Products used for wavy hair below: 10in1 Primer, Healthy Heat Dryer, Healthy Heat Ceramic Wand, Freshen Up Dry Shampoo
Which products would you be interested in trying? It was a pleasure working with Eva Hair NYC – expect to see much more of them in the midwest soon! Let me know if you decide to pick any of these up!



2nd Day Hair : How to Mix it Up

I’ll start by saying I’m so pumped it’s a holiday week and I get to see all my friends and family in Cincinnati this weekend! So many cool things happening for many people I’m close to right now and I just want to squeeze them and celebrate.🎉

Let’s talk hurr: I am pretty much the queen of seeing how long I can go without washing my hair…I’m wondering if this is something to be proud of or not. I’m also wondering if I should be admitting this via the Internet. Either my hair doesn’t get dirty very easily, or I am an extremely lazy individual when it comes to washing my hair. When it comes down to it, I think it’s a bit of both! On average, I would say that I wash my hair 1-2 times a week, but before you get grossed out – hear me out for my reasoning:

  • wedding hairI literally have the world’s driest hair, so even when it has been 5-7 days since I washed my hair, you probably won’t see any signs of “dirtiness.” I can get a haircut and find a thousand split ends 5 minutes later. I also think that pregnancy has naturally made it even “drier” and I’m not hard core working out/sweating every day which also helps (If anyone has good recommendations for a deep-conditioning treatment LMK!)
  • “Experts”say that you should only shampoo your hair once every 2-3 days at most in order to prevent stripping it of its natural oils. *All my italian girlfriends are currently LOLing. I’m not a big user of dry shampoo but if your hair is more oily, definitely invest in one, such as Big Sexy Hair Volumizing. I’ve tried this one and would use more often if needed.
  • Because my hair is so thick and coarse, it takes a long freaking time to wash, dry, and style. Don’t let the workings of my hair straightener fool you. I’m talkin’ like arms burning type of blow-drying. Hence, the laziness of trying to salvage a blow-out as long as possible. Who has time for this before work?
  • Speaking of work, wearing my hair down on the job is so…uncomfortable. You’d think I was doing physical labor at my job when I say this, but no, just something about answering hundreds of emails and going to meetings with my hair in my face is super distracting-and hot (temparature wise, you guys.) Why spend time styling down when it’ll just end up in a pony?
  • Yes, you can still shower without washing your hair! Sometimes I wrap a towel around my hair to prevent the edges from getting wet, but most of the time I use a giant clip and put a bun on the top of my head. If your hair still gets wet, just take a blow dryer quickly to the bottom/edges. These are my favorite clips and they are super cheap:
Scunci No-Slip Grip Jaw Clips, Assorted
Scunci No-Slip Clips 

I am able to get away with this (I think) because of my favorite “2nd day hair” options that I will show you here. I guess I should call this post “2nd or 3rd or 4th day hair” or basically  “options to wear your hair that aren’t down.” It’s fun to mix it up, just do your hair in the morning, and literally not worry about it the rest of the day. You don’t have to wear your hair down straight every day. I only wear my hair down on Day 1, occasionally day 2, but after that it’s always half-up or all-up. Here are my all time faves:

Half-up with Pins

*This ‘do is for the 2nd or 3rd day when you’re like, I don’t want to wear my hair down but I don’t want to commit to full-on creases and give in just yet. Its mostly clean, but kinda not clean at this point.*

Step 1-Brush all hair straight back. It helps to tilt your head back for gathering all of the hairs.

Step 2-Section off the top half at the back of your head. Start placing pins in hair, alternating each side, and which hand you hold your hair with. Make sure they are evenly crossed to “lock” into place.

Step 3-Hair is half-up and out of your face!

Half-up with Pins + Tail

*You’re now ready to commit to all up*

Step 1-Keep your hair pinned just like the half-up do and just add a ponytail.
Step 2-You can tease your ponytail or wrap a piece of hair around and pin underneath to hide the elastic as shown above. Favorite teasing comb:

Photo: The Basics Slim Teasing Brush
Conair Teasing & Sectioning

Half-up with Elastic

*When I was little I used to think this style was called the “Chris” because I knew someone with that name who wore their hair like this, so I just called it that. Turns out I made that up and it’s just called “half-up.”
Step 1-Section off a little more than the top crown area of your hair. You can pull from all the way down to your ears as well.

Step 2-Use an elastic on this half of your hair, just as if you were doing a full ponytail. I use a thick elastic since my hair is so heavy, but those with thinner hair could use a thin hair tie or clear plastic hair rubber band.

Step 3– Tighten and tease. You can also wrap a piece of hair around the elastic and pin underneath.

High Bun

*I think this one is my favorite of the favorites. It just feels so good to have your hair completely out of your face and off your neck. It stays all day, and you can keep it for heading straight to the gym after work.

Step 1– Put hair in a high pony -the height of where you would want a bun to sit. If you have thin hair, you might not need to put in a pony first.

Step 2-Start wrapping pony tail around and pinning along the entire circumference. Keep the bun loose so it’s not as tight to your head. Don’t think about this step too much, or you’ll be re-doing your bun all day. You really can’t mess this style up.

Step 3-Pin down any stray hairs, spray, and you’re ready to go! I actually found a deal on this hairspray (smells amazing!) at TJ Maxx and it’s my favorite at the moment:

Joico Power Spray

Simple Headband


*There are no steps here. Simply buy a headband that is comfortable and will stay, and place in hair. The best kind have rubber in the inside. Viola! Hair down without having to part.

Craig also likes handbands and bandanas… he will steal mine after work or on the craigweekend because his hair is so long and he won’t cut it. I call him Rico Suave when he slicks it back. We got a lot of “flow” goin’ on over here… let’s see if Baby C carries on this tradition.

I hope this gives all you babes some inspiration to either mix it up or save you some time as we head into another work week of kicking some ass. What are your go-to’s? Send me a pic if you try any of these styles–I’d love to see! 💁

Thanks for continuing to read my thoughts 💕

Kayla Marie