My 10 Minute (Easy!) Everyday Makeup Routine

Hey babes!
I’m so excited to share my first video with you all! I’ve been wanting to do this one for some time so I finally got my set-up ready and recorded my everyday makeup tutorial! No judging on the quality – I didn’t edit at all or add any special features. This is truly just me walking you through what I do every day before work. I need quick. I need easy. I need something to make me look presentable – and this is it. Simple enough for all my busy mama readers to replicate!
While the video is 13 min, I believe without the talking it is truly a 10 minute (or less) routine.
I have linked all of the products I used in the tutorial below – just click on the image for info!

LORAC PRO Powder Cheek Stain

Next time I will record in landscape so that I don’t have the black borders. Sometimes I get so excited to do something that I have to do it right away and I don’t research up front…hence why I recorded in portrait like a big #rookie.
Please let me know if you have any questions, tips for me, or are interested in more videos – I love hearing from you all!