{Month Nine} + The Stranger Danger Phase

This little scrunchy nose guy is officially 9 months! I remember feeling like I saw the most changes at 2 months, 6 months, and now 9 months FOR SURE. The biggest being his increase in mobility …he is everywhere! We’ve already gotten a few calls from daycare that he has fell, scratched himself, etc. They said this is normal as he is getting into everything – I can barely keep up with him on a 1on1 basis, I don’t know how daycare can watch his every move. Gives this mama anxiety….
The other difference we noticed this month was the “stranger danger” phase. He can now tell who has him and shows preference as to who is holding him or in the same room as him. I got an email from baby center titled,” Your 9 month old: Week 1″ and this description could not be any more true:
“Your baby may be charmingly sociable – until someone other than you comes near. Many babies this age show signs of fear or shyness around other people, bursting into tears around someone new – or even a familiar relative! It’s a normal part of development as your baby learns to tell the difference between strangers and friends. Your baby may also have separation anxiety, fussing and crying whenever you leave his side. He knows you’re important, and doesn’t yet understand that when you leave, you’ll always come back.”
Because we live away from family, we didn’t really notice this was happening until we went to visit. It alarmed us because our easy going, play with anyone, let anyone hold him, baby, was not a screaming, fussing baby, throwing temper tantrums if the wrong person had him at the wrong time. It’s good to know that this is 100% normal and hopefully it will ease up with time.

New things that Calvin strongly dislikes:
  • Getting out of the bathtub
  • Playing nicely in his pack ‘n play for more than 5 minutes
  • Laying on his changing table
  • Getting dressed – every single time I have to change him I think of this meme:
    Image result for getting baby dressed meme
New things that Calvin loves:
  • Eating puffs – both the grain snacks and yogurt tabs
  • Touching things he shouldn’t touch/crawling where he shouldn’t crawl
  • A fascination with windows
  • When we kiss or pretend to kiss his hands
  • Crawling everywhere!
  • ~ 22 lbs (73%)
  • ~29 in long (76%)
  • Head circumference 47cm (93%) – he’s a smart cookie 🙂
  • Got his flu shot with no problems!
Who else has a babe around the same age? Are you experiencing some of the same changes? It’s so hard to keep up, they grow so fast!
We love you all – thanks for stopping by to catch up on Baby Calvin’s life!