How to: Slay your Goals & Change your LIFE in 2018!

Hey babes! Welcome to 2018! I don’t know about you but I am very happy to see a new year. I just have a really amazing feeling that 2018 is going to top all previous years… I think that main reason I’m feeling so positive and good about the new year is because I have a PLAN. I know what I want, and when, and what my vehicle to get me there will be. I have a clear vision of how my life can change in 2018.
I have evolved so much as an individual, as a mom, as a wife, as a professional, since starting ‘Running with Strollers’, and I thank you for following on the journey. When I started the blog, I really wanted to write career/professional type posts, but at that time my career wasn’t inspiring me as much as I had hoped. I had just gotten pregnant and then had my son, so my focus shifted to everything #motherhood. I didn’t expect my perspectives, goals, dreams, LIFE to change as drastically as it did when becoming a mom. Everything I had come to believe about my aspirations, changed. I no longer wanted to drop my child off every day at daycare and sit at a desk to work on someone else’s dream. I had a strong desire to lead and inspire others outside of a 9-5. I needed FREEDOM, LIKE MINDED FRIENDS and EXTRA INCOME so that I could shift from a professional career to being a #girlboss entrepreneur on my own terms.


Most of you know that I started a business venture in the beauty industry in March 2017 that has been very successful for my family and I. In December, I came home full time to work my business and be a Mom to my almost now 2 year old. This week, I did a training for my team of 50 women on “5 Tips to Slay your SeneBiz in the New Year”… but I realized that these tips are really applicable to anyone who wants to accomplish big goals this year. I decided that I’d turn my “show notes” into a general blog post for even those outside of my team to read.  I feel compelled and qualified to talk on this topic because I have watched my life change dramatically over the past 9 months. I truly feel if you can master and remember these 5 tips, the details will fall into place and you will always know what the next step towards accomplishing your dream will be. They are really the core of what I do every day, week, month, etc, to meet my goals. Without further ado – let’s get to some life changing realness…
#1 – You must determine WHAT you want, WHY you want it, and HOW you will get it. 
So you want to change your life – what do you want to change, why do you want it to change and what will your vehicle be to get you there? For my team training, we obviously know our vehicle but I always encourage them to dig deep and find their “WHY.” Why are they doing what they’re doing? What was the root cause for them to start a business, become an entrepreneur (#mompreneur as I like to call myself) or add something “extra” to their plate? There has to be a deeper reason than just wanting to sell products. For me, I have a strong desire for freedom from a full-time job, I want to have flexibility, I want to see my child more than 2 hours a day, and I want to give my family an extraordinary lifestyle. No matter how hard I worked at my job, I couldn’t achieve that. Once you determine what you want and why, you HAVE to keep that in front of you. Slaying your goals and dreams isn’t easy – it often takes hours of additional work, there will be people who judge you or question what you are doing, and you’re going to want to quit 2, 3 or 10 times throughout the year. I once heard a quote… “if people don’t understand what you’re doing, you may be on to something.” God sized dreams are never seen or understood by the average Joe. Keeping a WHY (that is stronger than any outside force trying to destroy those dreams) in front of you is absolutely necessary and is the first thing you must identify before achieving a dream.
#2 – Write Down your Goals and Keep them in front of you!
How are you going to hit your goals if you don’t know what they are or if you aren’t looking at them Your goals and dreams are 100% more likely to come true if they are physically written down. Your goal boards can be electronic, on paper, in the form of words or pictures, just get them physically down! I have a goals board in my kitchen that I update on the first of every month. No excuses. I see it every single day and I post it as the background as my phone. We look at our phones what, like, 573 times a day? Now I see what I’m working toward every time I hit that home button. It’s important to remember that just writing them down isn’t going to make them come true, you have to take action every single day (more on that later) but you are sooo soo much more inclined to take that action when they are written down. Just do it. And thank me later. In addition to my monthly vision board, I had my team create vision photos with their faces like this:

#3 – Daily Self Development
There is sooo so much negative in the world today. In the news, on social media, with family and friends – we must rid ourselves of that negativity ASAP. Don’t be afraid of the unfriend or unfollow button. If something you are seeing or consuming daily is shaking your confidence or belief in YOUR path, stop looking at it. Basically you have to stay in your own lane, or else you’ll get run over. I think that is a huge part of self development – knowing what is affecting you and either ridding it from your life, or taking more of it in, if it’s positive. Another way I like to work on self development is through podcasts, ebooks, articles, blogs (such as this 🙂 ) or finding a positivity friend (someone I know I can always contact and we can lift each other up.) Instead of turning on pop radio in the car and listening to songs you have heard a million times and probably don’t even like, turn on an inspirational podcast. Be willing to put so much good in your brain that there is no option but for the negative to be pushed out. Your thoughts are like a muscle, they must be exercised daily in order to get stronger. Your business or goals will not grow or improve if YOU aren’t willing to change. Becoming an entrepreneur, a #mompreneur, or extraordinary, does NOT happen overnight -we must learn from those who have gone before us and found success. Lastly, I like to find or stalk, I mean STUDY, people in my line of business that inspire me. I can then replicate (not copy) or apply what I feel is drawing myself to them, in my own business. I often think about WHY I joined the team I did in SeneGence and try to remember that often so that I can create that same type of feeling with my followers. Here are some podcasts I like that can all be found on itunes:
MLM Nation
The Goal Digger Podcast
The Skinny Confidential – Him & Her
Almost 30 Podcast
I am not great at reading but REALLY want to be – I will work on that in 2018 and hope to have a list of reading material for you all soon. Or you can leave your recos below!
#4 Build Relationships and Tell your Story
In anything you want to accomplish in life, there’s a great chance you won’t be able to do it alone. You’ll need a network for a business, a goal, or a dream. You’ll need supporters, customers, followers, partners, employees, or encouragers. Whether your goal is to run a marathon or start a blog – you will need these people. My friend Kaitlyn of Essere Blog and Buzzed Bull Creamery is SO GOOD at doing this. She is a business owner, a wife, and a new blogger. She is constantly building her brand, telling her story, encouraging others, which I believe, attracts people towards her. I aspire to be more like her. Build relationships, tell your story, connect, and in turn you will make sincere friendships with others and find your “people” naturally. This can’t be a sometimes thing, this has to be a part of you – connecting with others needs to be a part of what you become great at. What you are putting on social media, or into the universe should be generally positive, honest, and things you care about that others can relate with. This helps to develop your “brand” which is an entirely different convo. Just know that you, are your brand, which is your business. It is all connected. We connect with people and why they’re doing what they are – not what they are selling.

#5 – Consistency ALWAYS Wins. Take Action Every Single Day.
Nothing you set out to accomplish can be a “when you feel like it” thing. Every day consistency will ALWAYS win. Although this is #5 on the list, I think it is the more important. You will see growth, change, and success where your thoughts and actions fall daily. Action inspires action – do you remember the theory from school, “a ball in motion stays in motion, a ball at rest, stays at rest?” It’s much harder to find motivation to take action when you haven’t in a few days, a week, or months. Once you get into the habit of taking action you will naturally want to stay in motion. Taking action yields results and eventually working towards your dream will become a part of your routine. You want to get to a spot where NOT taking action feels wrong, or makes you feel uneasy. Do at least one thing for your dream
Bonus Tip: Don’t QUIT!
The only way to completely fail at something you have a WHY, a PLAN for, and that you WORK at consistently, is to give up. THE ONLY WAY. Sure, some dreams and ventures will be more successful than others, but the only way to find no success is to STOP. Don’t quit your dream, and it won’t quit you (a quote by Whitney Bray.) BOOM.
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What can we Learn by Becoming Beliebers?

Let me start by saying, I’m not writing his post because I have an unhealthy obsession with Justin Bieber and want to talk about how awesome he is. I’m writing because for some reason, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what makes him so fascinating to the general public. Why are people so obsessed? There is Bieber (not so) subliminal messaging everywhere. You can’t turn on the radio without hearing one of his catchy jams or get on social media without seeing a recently shared performance. Even if you wanted to ignore his recent popularity and renewed success, you couldn’t. I’m pretty sure my baby will come out singing “what do you mean?” Those who are self-proclaimed “Beliebers” will admit they love every second of it and some say, “I just like his music.”  If you’re on the other end of the spectrum, you can’t stand one thing about the guy and were probably reluctant to even click on this article in the first place. If you are one of the latter, don’t lie to yourself. Aside from his dreamy looks, there’s something contagious about him, a reason why we can’t look away or stop watching his every move. Why does it seem as if the number of Beliebers has increased dramatically over the past year? Are we waiting for him to fail? Are there characteristics he portrays that really do make him “likable?”


Part of becoming successful is looking at what others have done to become successful, and replicating some of their habits. For as much stupid shit that the Beebs has done, you have to give credit, where credit is due. The amount of success he has obtained, money he has made over the past 7-8 years, and the fan base he has built is nothing short of amazing. I’m most interested in talking about his recent success, post teenage meltdown.

Although few to none of us are aspiring pop artists, I beliebe (ha ha) there are three general areas he has mastered in the past year, which we can replicate for renewed success in our own lives:

Overcoming Obstacles

I think it would’ve been really easy for him to pull an Amanda Bynes or Lindsay Lohan, dig himself a large hole and never rise above it. He was most definitely on that track, but found a way to turn it around. People can do 1 of 2 things when they hit a low point…give up and continue on the same path or make a change and overcome. Self pity, complaining, and
feeling sorry for yourself is okay for a very short time only. Then, you decide what you want for your life and start taking the steps to make it happen. Looks like JB decided he wanted to keep making music and sold almost 600,000 copies of Purpose in the first week alone. What obstacle have you been faced with this year, and how did you make the choice to overcome?


Dedication to Self-Improvement

I’ve been on this weird self-improvement kick, feeling like I want to give and receive life advice all the time, for a while now. I guess you could say me and JB have that in common 😂 if you follow him at all he’s been pretty adamant about not only overcoming, but also becoming better. From what I can tell, his path to self-improvement seems to be centered around starting to go to church and surrounding himself with different individuals. Obviously I don’t know him, but I get this vibe because of the lyrics in his song Purpose which is also the title of the entire album. I think there are multiple ways to go about self-improvement – books, who you surround yourself with, spiritual guidance, even just making the decision to be better. What do you want to change this year and what will you do to make it happen? 


Be Yourself & Stop caring what others think 

His newest single is called “Love Yourself” and I don’t think anyone loves themself more than this guy. His Instagram is filled with selfies which is super annoying but guess what, people don’t stop double tapping on those pics and there are 48 million people who want to keep seeing them on their feed. The more you put yourself out there, the more you’re setting yourself up for both success AND criticism. Most of us are paralyzed from doing a lot of things we want to do in fear of what others will think. I think we need more people who are willing to set themselves apart. Because everyone is different, it starts with being yourself. Just post the damn selfie, if you want.  What have you been wanting to do, but held back because of what others may say?


 This post has either (1) made you curious enough to look up Justin Beiber on IG,  (2) convinced you to take a listen to his new album or (3)made you think about the questions in bold above. I hope it’s the latter 🙂  I also hope everyone is having a great December — less than three weeks until 2016! Let me know what you think about these lifestyle/self improvement type posts and my new blog “theme.” As always, thanks for reading!

❤ Kayla