Rompers are a Mom’s Best Friend! 

Hi Guys! Happy Tuesday. I hope you all had an amazing long weekend<3
I posted earlier last week that I took about a week off of posting on Instagram, and that sometimes real life needs you more than social media does. Do you agree? This is not to say that social media isn’t real life, but it is only PARTS of a person’s life, and that’s okay. It felt good to take a break from posting but …I am back because I have wayyy too many blog drafts started for my own good – time to crank out some shiz just in time for the warmer weather!
Let’s start with a discussion on my favorite Spring/Summer fashion necessity: ROMPERS. Are they not a Mom’s best friend? I’ll tell you why.
Have you ever tried chasing a toddler in a dress? The amount of bending over, squatting, and running around just does not mix well –enter: Romper. Still flowy and loose, but with built in shorts! I also feel as if choosing one piece to wear is easier than choosing two. Lastly, there is something so comforting to me about having something around my waist. Is that weird? I was like that before Calvin, but feel like a waist band (or at least spanx) are 100% necessary after having a child. Makes me feel more…secure? lol

Gimme all the affordable MOMpers in the world.

I found this affordable and gorgeous romper at no other than a Mom’s 2nd best friend…Target! I am obsessed with both the color and the sleeve cut.
I’m not a huge clothing shopper to begin with, but when life gets crazy, I don’t shop hardly AT ALL! It’s nice to find something affordable and quick for the weekend when stopping for diapers, groceries, or running errands. I highly suggest checking out Target for more affordable romper finds such as these:
Aztec Queen Ruffle Cold Shoulder Romper
Women’s Double Stripe Romper
Women’s High Neck Lace Romper
Women’s Off-the-shoulder Romper
What is your summer go-to? Where can I find? Please catch me up – need to get my mama style together! 🙂

Belmar Beach with Baby

A couple of weeks ago we were so lucky to have my little sister come visit for a full week. We missed her so much! I love spending time with Audrey because she is so different than me – her soft-spoken, laid back, personality is relaxing and refreshing. She has a big heart for God, others well-being, and I can’t wait to watch her graduate college (I’m getting freaking old) in just a couple of weeks. Although, can we do without the ceremony where they call everyone one by one in a monotone voice and just have a party? JK. Kinda.


In the middle of the week we decided to hit up the Shore when we saw that it would be super nice – 75 and sunny! (PS-why was it warmer 3 weeks ago than now?) Being so close to the shore is the best thing about living in NJ and I wanted to make sure she saw it! Also I wanted her to think where we lived is kinda cool. So basically I’ll take you to the beach if you come visit me this summer: hint hint.

I chose Belmar because it is a straight shot from our house, super easy to park (out of season) and the boardwalk is super nice. Getting around with a stroller is not the easiest so this is key when taking baby. The worst thing about going to the beach out of season is that the public bathrooms are closed… no we didn’t sneak into a private beach club to go… We did, however, see some Mom’s having a “play group” at the playground on the beach – rough life 😉

On the way we drove past a cafe called Stay Gold, and decided to swing in (literally we found the most VIP of all VIP parking spots right out front) to check it out. First, off we should’ve known a place with the name “Stay Gold” was going to be bomb. The menu was full of smoothies, gourmet coffee, salads, paninis, juice bar, and all around goodness. It’s the little things, ya know? They even host live music on a small stage on the weekends.

stay gold     ^We got the chunky monkey (banana, chocolate, peanut butter, almond milk) + a shot of espresso – can’t visit a cafe without adding caffeine!
^our own chunky monkey


^little elf ears 

Calvin slept the entire car ride, the entire time we were there, and the entire way home. He started screaming right as we pulled back in to home, so we timed it just right. Now that I think about it, the beach is actually a great place to take a baby because of the calming wind and waves sounds. I see many trips to the shore in our future this year! 

Shop my casual look:

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jean jacket.png

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STRETCH 1969 True Skinny Jeans (Similar)
ray bans
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Small Square Stud Earrings

So for real on the visitors thing – one of my best friends, Caitlin, is coming to visit next weekend and I am so excited. She is the down-to-earth, talk about anything with, dislike someone just because they wronged you (promise we aren’t mean girls) type of friend. We have lots of iced coffee, wine, and adventures to fit into 3 short days.

Anyone else from the East Coast: any must-do, must-see beaches for future trips this summer?

Happy Sunday, all – wishing you all rest & relaxation as you head into a new week.

❤ Kayla