Rompers are a Mom’s Best Friend! 

Hi Guys! Happy Tuesday. I hope you all had an amazing long weekend<3
I posted earlier last week that I took about a week off of posting on Instagram, and that sometimes real life needs you more than social media does. Do you agree? This is not to say that social media isn’t real life, but it is only PARTS of a person’s life, and that’s okay. It felt good to take a break from posting but …I am back because I have wayyy too many blog drafts started for my own good – time to crank out some shiz just in time for the warmer weather!
Let’s start with a discussion on my favorite Spring/Summer fashion necessity: ROMPERS. Are they not a Mom’s best friend? I’ll tell you why.
Have you ever tried chasing a toddler in a dress? The amount of bending over, squatting, and running around just does not mix well –enter: Romper. Still flowy and loose, but with built in shorts! I also feel as if choosing one piece to wear is easier than choosing two. Lastly, there is something so comforting to me about having something around my waist. Is that weird? I was like that before Calvin, but feel like a waist band (or at least spanx) are 100% necessary after having a child. Makes me feel more…secure? lol

Gimme all the affordable MOMpers in the world.

I found this affordable and gorgeous romper at no other than a Mom’s 2nd best friend…Target! I am obsessed with both the color and the sleeve cut.
I’m not a huge clothing shopper to begin with, but when life gets crazy, I don’t shop hardly AT ALL! It’s nice to find something affordable and quick for the weekend when stopping for diapers, groceries, or running errands. I highly suggest checking out Target for more affordable romper finds such as these:
Aztec Queen Ruffle Cold Shoulder Romper
Women’s Double Stripe Romper
Women’s High Neck Lace Romper
Women’s Off-the-shoulder Romper
What is your summer go-to? Where can I find? Please catch me up – need to get my mama style together! 🙂

 Soft & Comfy Shirt Dresses {Perfect for the Transition to Fall} + A Gap Discount Code!

Hi Friends!! I am finally writing since launching my new site, name, logos, Facebook page, and updated instagram handle. What do you guys think? I hope you feel as if “running with strollers” is a great metaphor for my life, and the topics I write about here on the blog. I spent a lot of time with the guys at WRK Personal Branding to get this first launch rolled out. I say first launch because this is *fingers crossed* just the start of what is to come. They were so professional, hilarious, and it was true collaboration throughout the entire process!
What’s new with you guys? My entire news feed is everyone’s kids going back to school…so freakin’ cute! Although it was like two seconds ago that summer was ending and WE were going back to school. I think this means fall is coming, so we better start the fall fashion convo NOW!
I wasn’t initially going to do a full post on this dress but I got so many questions and compliments when I posted on IG here, I decided we must talk about shirt dresses – not to be confused with shirts that you wear as a dress! I bought this dress from OLD NAVY back in the spring after having Calvin because it’s loose, comfortable and able to be worn in spring, summer & fall. Also, I must add – this dress is currently on sale for $19.99! I have a medium but it runs very big so size down, if you’re questioning it.
Shirt dresses are perfect for transitioning into fall. This fabric is a bit heavier and the sleeves and length are perfect for when it’s not too hot but not too cold either. I am so so excited for fall fashion…summer fashion is just not my fave anymore. I feel like up until I was about 20, summer was my favorite season. Basically, summer is fun when you can spend it at the pool relaxing as opposed to sitting in an office staring at a computer screen. Now, it’s just too hot for me, too hot for Cal, and this girl doesn’t like to sweat when she’s not supposed to be sweating (aka outside of a workout!) #firstworldprobs
It’s funny, when I was pregnant I would wear tight, form fitting dresses all the time because it was really cool and acceptable to show off my belly then. A big belly = cute. Now, not so much. I actually have to admit that I’m not a huge dress fan or wearer in general because i just feel more comfortable with a waist band (helps suck it all in, haha.) Is that weird? I know most people are the opposite.
Sometimes when wearing loose or over sized dresses, it can tend to look like I’m either 1.) wearing a sack or 2.) am huge because I have a larger chest. One solution for this is tying something around your waist…can be a shirt, a belt, or even a fanny pack if you’re feeling adventurous. I chose a jean shirt here, which I could also actually wear as intended, if needed. A lot of shirt dresses come with a belt or cinched waist (see options below), so look for those if you feel you have the same issue!
You could also choose other statement pieces that draw away from the mid-section such as statement shoes (I chose wedges since it is still so warm out, but this dress will also look great with short booties for fall) a hat such as this floppy, or a a piece of jewelry. I wrote about floppy hats last year and can’t wait to bust them out – and probably write about them again this year! Such a fun and stylish accessory.
Although I got this dress from Old Navy, their sister company, GAP, has some great options right now for achieving this look – here is a style guide with some of my favorite easy shirt dresses that will easily transition you into fall:

All dresses + a 40% offer can be found here:

Get 40% off with code STYLE at Gap. Restrictions apply. Ends 8/18.

I brought Calvin along while taking these photos and he was seriously an angel watching in his stroller.
img_3077It’ll be September in just two short weeks – I hope you all are as excited about transitioning into fall as I am. What are your go-to’s? I will write about my favorite transition boots (let’s be honest – boots are the best fall wardrobe staple) before the end of the month.
Have a great rest of the week!



All White: Inspired by Memorial Day & Why to Invest in Neutrals

Breaking news: I have made it out of my black pregnancy/maternity/postpartum Mom stretch suit that I’ve referenced so many times on this blog…it’s a miracle that took three months. This milestone is coming at a great time, considering I’m going back to work next Tuesday and need to look semi-presentable in a corporate setting. Also, SUMMER.

I’ll miss you, black stretch suit, but you’re still my #1.

Not only did I ditch the all-black, but I went the complete opposite to this all-white/neutral look, inspired by Memorial Day. Brave, I know. Especially with a baby. But it was time for a change.


You know what’s weird? Before pregnancy, I never really wore these pants because I didn’t feel comfortable in them, or think that they looked good on me. You’d think it would be the opposite – that I would feel uncomfortable in white pants now – but I feel like having a baby kind of empowers you. I’m a little bit more forgiving on myself and suddenly okay with how I look (for now.) I think Moms should take as much time as they need to heal and get back in their groove after baby, but then we should start feeling good about ourselves, we should feel accomplished, and proud of everything we’ve done. 


In all the fashion ‘rule’ books, Memorial Day marks the weekend where it is “okay” to start wearing white again. Do you think this rule exists because people are too pale up until this point to pull it off? jk.
After finishing putting together this look, I realized that everything I’m wearing here, I’ve owned for like, a year or more. I have worn all of these pieces, but never together. This was a moment for me, a moment where I realized the sentence, “I have nothing to wear” – can officially be discarded from my vocabulary.
To me, this look is perfect for any time of day (a coffee date, brunch, lunch, going out to dinner) & the jacket is perfect to bring along to those place that blast the air so high that you’re freezing the whole time, even in the Summer – you know what I’m talking about.

I got to thinking about how we can all start wearing the clothes we own, instead of always spending time & money on NEW. As a Mom, ain’t nobody got time for that. I spend more time searching the internet for diaper deals than designer deals, and the first place I locate on trips to the mall are the bathrooms/nursing suites and nearest coffee shop.

What’s the easiest way to do this?

These 2 tips sound like common sense but honestly, just owning the right go-to’s makes getting dressed so much easier, which solves a lot of life’s problems. Am I right?  
Invest in Neutrals
Statement pieces are amazing (& I’ll be talking about a statement dress next week) but investing in neutrals will get you so many more “looks” or outfits. I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve worn this white top probably 100 times, in different ways. Buy more solids than patterns and more low key colors than vibrant, loud colors. I think doing both of these things allows for unlimited mixing & matching. My go-to neutrals are white, cream, tan & black. Now is the perfect time of year to pull out those light articles of clothing and rock ’em. Plus you can re-wear these items so much more often without people noticing 😉


Buy Universal Accessories
I especially like to invest in neutrals (solid gold or silver) for accessories. Almost all of my purses, shoes, jewelry are universal and can be worn over and over with different pieces of clothing. Keep a go-to necklace, watch, and earrings in your collection that can be worn with anything – instead of needing to find new statement jewelry for every outfit. That can get to be way too high maintenance. Summer = time to stay simple & light on the accessories.
Like I said, I had owned these items prior to this post, but I have linked similar items to shop this look below:
Jacket – Gap (Similar)
Top & Metal Choker – Forever21 (similar)
Jeans – Michael Kors (cheaper & similar here)
Purse – Michael Kors
Watch – Michael Kors
Shoes – Target (similar)
Sunglasses – Old Navy (similar)

Calvin is also rocking the white – here he is ready for Summer in his sun hat & sandals 🙂 He basically lives in these plain white onesies – I’ve linked our favorites below.

 Gerber Unisex Short Sleeve Onesies
Carter’s Unisex Short Sleeve Bodysuits

We are off to the beach tomorrow for the day – we’re so excited to take Cal and show him both the beach & pool! What are your big MDW plans?
**Huge shout-out to all the military Men & Women who have served our country in the past, are currently serving, and who will serve in the future. Let’s not forget the real reason for this holiday weekend**
❤ Kayla