About Me

Hello hello!
My name is Kayla – I am an iced coffee-obsessed, second time, work at home mom, who just turned 30 this past year.  My babies names are Calvin & Cora (you’ll see a ton about them around here!) and my husband’s name is Craig. We are based in Cincinnati, OH –  The past few years have been the craziest, most impactful time of our life – having 2 children, moving across the country and back, buying a home, starting a business, changing careers. It has been full of challenges, successes, unexpected events, so much learning, a lot of love – and I’ve taken my community along with me every step of the way.
I started this blog during my first pregnancy in 2015 and I immediately found a passion connecting to my readers through inspiring words & relatable stories – mainly surrounding everyday motherhood.
I believe that every mom/women is glamorous in her own way. We will talk a ton on here about everyday motherhood, inspiring stories, and beauty for the extraordinary women….aka you!
THANK YOU for following along on our journey and free to contact me at any time – I’d love to connect! ❤




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