{Month 11} + Soliciting People Who Know How to Freeze Time

We are in Month 11 and only 14 days away from having a 1 year old. It’s actually terrifying how quick 11 months went. Where did the time go? Did I enjoy it enough? Was I present enough every day? I am both happy, yet sad because I already forget many of the days that we’ve had with Calvin. I don’t forget them, but I don’t remember every moment like I wish I could. It’s impossible to do so in the midst of busy weeks, days, and months. I think I’m going to do some research on being present/living in the moment, try it out, and then blog it in the very near future. It’s a topic that I’ve been thinking about so much lately!
I remember when he was trying so hard to roll over and he just couldn’t yet. A few days later he was rolling over left and right and could get across the room by doing so. Then I remember when he could get to his hands & knees and wanted to crawl so badly, but he just couldn’t yet. And in the blink of an eye he could crawl across the room faster than you could count to ten. Then he started reaching for the couch, the table, and trying to pull himself up. A few weeks later and he is walking across the room on the his own. Watching him learn and grow is one of my favorite past times. I am loving his age and size right now – does anyone know how to freeze time?
img_1982^pretty sure he has a boogie in his nose…img_1986img_1975img_1990img_1958^I bought this bear figurine for his room and thought it was going to be like a foot high. Got it in the mail and it is this big…I was laughing so hard. Note to self: read dimensions on things before buying…img_1959img_1984img_1964img_1983
11 month stats & facts
weight: 23lbs. 9oz.
still loves his bath but can’t sit still
can walk across the room on his own
talking up a storm
wearing 12-18 month clothing
eating big boy foods on his own
good at signing “more”, “gentle”, and “all done”
eyes are now hazel colored
the center of attention anywhere we go
goes to bed around 7pm, wakes up at 545am – still wakes up once in the night occasionally
Overall, Calvin is a wild man. The cutest wild man I have ever seen. He is extremely determined, independent, and I can tell he is going to be a go-getter. He made the Aquarius cut off by one day, but he fits this sign perfectly – much like his Mom. I say that he is a Mamas boy all the time, and I think that’s true, but he is also obsessed with his Dad. Each night after I feed him his bottle he starts yelling, “Dadadada” because he knows Dad is the king of rocking him to sleep. It has been just us three on our own for the past year and we are pretty much obsessed with spending and valuing our time together as a family.
I know so many others who have an “almost” one year old. I can’t wait to watch all your babes celebrates their first birthdays this year! I’m off to try and put a birthday party together in 2 weeks – will be posting about that at the end of the month ❤
Hope you all have an amazing week – kick ass & take names!



4 thoughts on “{Month 11} + Soliciting People Who Know How to Freeze Time”

  1. This is so relatable. I remember having all these thoughts before my little guy turned one! It’s such a struggle to want him to stay tiny forever but also watch him grow and learn new things! Also, LMAO on that bear figurine. I didn’t even see it in the picture at first.

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