Motivation Monday : Mentally Curing the Holiday Hangover 

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday with family and friends, and that you were able to have at least a few days away from the office, hospital, school, or wherever you typically spend your 40+ hrs/week. It’s the Monday post-Christmas (yawn) and if you’re anything like me I think we all need an extra boost or motivation to get back at it. Christmas is like the ultimate “what now?” holiday. It takes weeks of preparation, and months, if you’re really planning ahead. Then it’s all over so quick and we have to face the realization of how many cookies we ate, and how much we spent on all of those gifts. Also, I’m realizing how much I talk about cookies on this blog – I promise to stop after February.

I have always loved reading, posting, and getting inspiration from quotes that I’ve found online or in books. This ‘ish is 99% mental, so feed your brain accordingly. I was actually searching for quotes on my own earlier this month for a bit of a pick-me-up and decided to compile some of my favorites here and share with you all! No matter who you are, life can get crazy and a few words can remind you it’s okay, or that you’re not the only one in the world that has felt the way you have or do at this moment. There’s really no theme to these, just good ‘ole “life” quotes that at least one of you will hopefully be able to relate with.




I’m interested to hear where you all pull your inspiration from — any good books or sites I should know about? Which is your fave quote from this list? My grandpa gave me a simple printout this weekend titled “some good thoughts” that he keeps with him, which was so sweet. Maybe you have a person that inspires you most?!

We have been in Cincy with family since last Wednesday and will be here for a few more days. This will be our last visit home for a bit, and once we head back, we have about one month – 6 weeks left before this babe enters the world. In terms of preparation, it’s go time!


Wishing you all a great week as we head towards 2016!

❤ Kayla


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